10 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

Smartphones have become an essential and irreplaceable part of our daily lives.

These incredible devices are not only portable but also an integral companion when we need to call someone or text. Besides, a smartphone provides you uninterrupted internet connection and connection to all social media apps if you have a mobile data connection on your phone.

A good smartphone clicks the best pictures of you. So, it is imperative to buy a phone with a good quality camera. You can even save your memories inside the document cloud or also use your phone as a power bank to charge other smartphones.

In this article, we are going to discuss those crucial factors to consider before buying a smartphone.

  1.    Build quality and durability

While buying a smartphone, verify its build quality and durability. Generally, you’ll find two types of builds- plastic and metal. Nowadays you will also find glass-coated panels, but they are limited in stock. So, if you’re a messy person and have a tendency to drop your phone now and then, we suggest you go for the plastic or metal build, as they are more sustainable and less likely to shatter.

  1.    Display quality

Opt for a large display (not more than 6 inches) if you’re into heavy multimedia consumption (streaming videos, watching YouTube or editing pictures on the go). But a handset larger than the 6-inch display is not the recommended one, because higher size set makes the device too large to grab in one hand.

  1.    Camera

The camera is another significant feature you should worry about before buying it. People often think the higher the number of megapixels, the better the quality of the camera, whereas several other specifications are also essential to capture one of your best photos, such as Pixel size, camera aperture, ISO levels, and autofocus.

  1.    Battery

Battery backup is the most significant part of a smartphone. If you love to play games, stream videos and work on apps, then you should go for a phone with 3500mAh battery and above. But for light users, 3000mAh can do the work for a day.

  1.    Processor

The processor is the heart of a phone. It varies from device to device depending on the type of users, OS version, User Interface, etc. Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and 820/821 will be the right choice for you if you play massive games, use online streaming services and edit documents, photos, and videos online.  However, light users can go for MediaTek processors.

  1.    OS version

Before buying any smartphone check if the manufacturer is offering an updated OS version, Preferably Android 9 pie. An outdated OS is not only an inconvenience but also is less secure as it doesn’t come with the latest security patches. Moreover, it is also laggy, which can be irritating for many people. Opt for phones having Android One which offer a stock Android experience and also contain minimal or no bloatware. Again, for more smart features there are many different user-friendly interfaces available in the market, such as MIUI, Samsung TouchWiz, etc.

  1.    RAM and Internal storage

Every smartphone you choose comes in 2-3 internal storage and RAM variants. So, choose accordingly. If you are a light user, only browsing and watching YouTube occasionally, you can buy 32GB+3GB storage variant of your selected device. But if you keep a vast number of apps and love to play games on your phone then go for 64GB+4GB or 128GB+6GB variants. Besides that, you can always use a microSD card to be safe.

  1.    Security and other features

Safety should be considered as a salient attribute of a smartphone while buying it. Most of the devices offer fingerprint sensors. You can access your certain personal documents or apps by using these security features. Make sure to pick up phones from smartphone makers that give out regular updates like Motorola and Google.

  1.    Sound quality and speakers

There are front-facing and bottom-firing speaker devices available in the market.

If you love watching video and movies, then you should choose a front facing speaker, whereas people with light uses can go for bottom firing ones.

  1.    Price

Go for a phone that justifies your needs. No need to spend half your salary on a device with which you’re going to spend minimal time.

So, don’t rush and choose something cheaper and equally compelling. The choice is yours! Read here: best budget-friendly smartphones

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