How to Use Facebook to Get a Job

If you have a Facebook account and you are in the process of job hunting, then you may want to consider Facebook as one of the job sites in India apart from LinkedIn. To do this, you must know how recruiters use Facebook. It is the largest and probably the most used social networking site across the world, where people love to spend more time compared to any other social networking site. It has always been the best place to connect with your family and friends socially. Now, it has also become one of the most useful job sites in India where you can connect with your next potential recruiter. It has opened up a new job board feature where employers can use it for job postings and job seekers like you can apply for jobs on different company pages and job postings.

Facebook as a recruiting tool

HR professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters have seized the opportunity to generate company pages on Facebook to help you apply for the specific jobs and also to build a place for answering all your questions, sharing the different job opportunities for you, and discussing the company’s culture. You can use these types of job sites in India to apply for your dream job, and recruiters can search for your profile by geography, education, interests, past employers, etc.

How to use Job Sites in India like Facebook to get a Job

Check your Facebook page settings: Facebook is renowned for changing the privacy settings criteria. You can change your privacy settings by going through each topic to know how the social media site shares your information and how you can adjust the option for privacy. If you do not want certain information to include in the search results, then select that option for privacy. Employers will only be able to view your public information. Just make sure that there is nothing in your profile that might negatively impact your potential recruiter’s first impression about you. Avoid the usage of any inappropriate photos, languages, and also the negative comments regarding your past or current employer. Reviewing your privacy settings will ensure your profile is accurate, and you will not have to change it every time you apply for a job on major job sites in India like Facebook.

Update your profile: One way to enhance your Facebook profile so that people find your profile is by adding your past work experiences and all your academic and professional skills in the “About” section. It is always good to know how you can adjust and update your profile and monitor it closely. You can select the public view setting to see how exactly your profile looks like when viewed by somebody else whom you do not know. It will help you update and enhance your profile for better visibility of your information so that the potential employer takes into account your profile while going through such job sites in India like Facebook. The Facebook resume should put you in the best possible way as a candidate willing to work in a specific company. Put up the most relevant achievements and skills in the most precise way possible. You can make use of the projects tool to show your key accomplishments and contributions from the past work experiences and also to list out the quantifiable achievements in your career. It will be highly beneficial for you to find jobs online in such social media sites.

Classify your friends’ list: This is very important to target all your work-related updates. You can go to your friends’ list and create a “new list” option naming it as “Work” or “Professional” so that all your friends and acquaintances considered as professional contacts can add to that list. In such cases, whenever you feel like sharing any work-related article which is of professional interest, you may choose to do so only with your professional group and don’t bore others who may not be interested in reading the kind of work-related posts you make. If you have hundreds of friends in Facebook-like job sites in India, you may not wish to bother all of them, but only pull out all your professional contacts into their list.

Look for networking connections: Platforms like Facebook will allow you to nurture and enlarge your links. It helps in showing you links to people who may know personally, who could be your fruitful contact for the professional space. You may search any friend you know, in Facebook-like leading job sites in India, who works in a specific company you wish to go to by selecting the company name and get in touch with that friend for professional reasons. Given the size of these job sites in India, it is quite likely to get in touch with an acquaintance. By joining groups as alumni and participating in various job-related discussions tends to be fruitful in finding the desired job. You may wish to even “like” a firm’s page and join their career group to broaden your network with the employees. You can also post status updates related to your job search and professional interests so that your friends and followers know that you are looking for a new job in a particular industry.

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Make and explore a list of companies: Create your list of companies that you want to work for, depending on your interests and research, and visit each of those companies’ sites to check if they are hiring. It is a more efficient process of looking for new roles in social media job sites in India like Facebook. Things that you should consider while looking for your target companies are work-life balance, culture, size of the company, values, etc. You can use the Groups feature of Facebook to find people posting about various jobs in your field of interest and demographic location. You may search using the word “jobs” and the preferred city to find different groups that may be sharing the job leads. Company pages are created to develop a talent community for potential candidates. You may like those pages and get more information about those companies.

Status Updates: One of the most effective ways to use Facebook for getting a job is to update your status with your current employment and what you are looking for in the future. Family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances will be there to help you with your requirement. Keep updating your network and never forget to share with them your latest needs for job hunt so that you stay in the forefront of your friends’ minds. It is an excellent feature of one of the best job sites in India, Facebook that many other websites do not have.

Follow people of your interest in such job sites in India: You may wish to follow people and their work-related posts that you are interested in to view their public status updates. The best way is to follow your potential recruiters, other employees who are currently working in your desired companies.

Create posts and respond to other’s postings: You may wish to post your achievements in your current or past company, any links to media interviews, or any related news of jobs search in the world. You may also wish to post personal things like news about your marriage, kids, etc. By doing this with your professional community, you are checking in with these people in the virtual world so that your chances of finding the right job becomes higher in such job sites in India. You must also pay attention to the postings of your professional friends and like and comment on their posts with insightful ideas.

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Locate the job and apply for it: You can find Facebook’s job postings either on any specific company’s page located under the “Jobs” tab or on any separate jobs-related page meant for searching all job listings by industry, experience, skill, location, and job type. If you locate any job that interests you on such job sites in India, then apply for it, and you will move to a page that already contains your name, birth date, education, and any other information that are public on your profile. You may even make the necessary changes before submitting your data. You will not be asked to present any resume, but you can create a cover letter in the 1000-character text box or provide detailed information as to why you should be ideal for this particular job. You can send the information via Facebook message to the company.

If you are actively looking for a new job online and wish to use the relevant social media apart from the job search websites for the same, then you should know how to provide the best information about yourself in Facebook-like major job sites in India to network, build and uncover various job opportunities.