How to use Google Alerts in your job search?

India is a growing economy, and the number of places vacant for posts is very much less than the number of applicants. While the merit and interview performance occupy a higher position while trying to find a job, many people fail to get a job due to lack of proper knowledge. It is easier for one to get to know about a job opening through advertisements by the companies as well as through the job portals, but when we are talking about the hidden market (where there is no advertisement regarding job openings), knowledge plays a vital role. It is not always true that the paid job portals will help you to get good jobs. Free job alert can also help us a lot in this regard.

We often end up registering with some job-search website or paying our money to some job portal. But with free job alert, we don’t have waste our money or time. We can enjoy the same benefits for free and remain updated about the latest job openings in our dream companies.

But knowing about everything is beyond the usual capacity of a human brain. One cannot know about every detail of each sector when and where there is an opening for a job. Thanks to the internet, now we can use the internet as an alarm clock to tell us about any job openings that are available according to our suitability. To make the internet useful to us in this regard, one must always include “Google Alert” in their job-search toolboxes.

Google Alerts

‘Google Alerts’ is a service by Google, through which it sends you a free e-mail automatically whenever the search engine finds any addition to information that is relevant to the topics you have mentioned it for looking. These topics might include news stories, articles, and job positions. Unlike the traditional methods, it displays a volume of information about the company you are aspiring to work with and help you take leads and get confident over specific data which would increase your chances of stealing the desired position from other candidates.

Free Job Alerts vs Job Search Websites

Businesses take the help of Free Job Alert to track potential customers, investors, competitors, copyrighted materials, trademarks, and many such things. It helps a job seeker to monitor the news about any company either profit or non-profit, person, product, or industry related to their job query even before the general public is aware of it.
This information gives you significant benefits over your competitors. You can know about the vacant positions in jobs, a substantial change in personnel and business opportunities even before they are available elsewhere for the general public.

Google Alerts advantage over Jobsite

If put to productive use, Google Alerts can act as your personal online job search assistant that works 24*7 for you. Hence, instead of having to go through the website for information regarding your preferred job or to find employment Online, you can put Google Alert to notify you whenever there is any. The following ways will help you efficiently use Google Alerts:

Track the Employers of your interest

If you are targeting a company to work with, hopefully, there isn’t just one of them in your mind. You must be looking for employers who pay reasonably well for your hard work, have excellent infrastructures and resources at work, have a good reputation as well as good promises for the future. If you do not have much knowledge other than the famous companies, you can even take the help of job alerts to get to know which companies are offering positions in your field of interest.

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To make Google Alerts useful in this regard, you need to set up an alert for the companies of your interest by the company name or the employer’s name so that Google can notify you about their new information displayed in the top search results related to that company.

Mention the word ‘jobs’ followed by the company name or the employer’s name in the search box, and it will find out all the web pages that contain the term jobs along with the company names. You can also look for information about multiple companies by putting an ‘OR’ in the middle of the company name strings and sound for up to either of 8 companies at once. It can also come in handy for you if you are in search of government jobs in India.

How good is your online footprint?

Before hiring someone to work with them, most companies do a background check for the ones in which they are interested. Where else can one look for someone other than the internet! That is why you have to be cautious and careful about what is out there that might either increase or decrease your suitability for the job. Therefore, it is very much essential to make sure you have the right image over the internet.

There might be some information linked with your name or with someone with their name similar to you, and you may not have any knowledge about it. If this is so, you need to perform a search regarding your title. Also, to make sure there isn’t any such misleading information about you over the internet in the future, just because someone wanted to have fun, you can set up a Google Alert for your name. After that, Google will notify you of any information added related to your name, which makes it advantageous over other methods in this regard. Also, make sure to include your name with your middle name and surname as well as without your middle and surname.

Monitor the employers from a specific location

Google Alerts can also be used to research about the employers from a particular geographical location which is another benefit that allows you to look for jobs in the area where you currently live or are planning to move in near future.
The search might include terms like “expansion” to notify you of the details about the growth of a company geographically to newer locations.

Research essential people associated with your dream job

If you are passionate about a job because of someone, then you must follow their activities that might help you to land on the page of your requirement. Referral system and Networking have been the best option to grab an opportunity these days. Therefore, it is also essential to keep an eye on individuals who might be of some help while looking for a job. But to get every individual within your sight on social networking site can be a challenging process. Google Alerts lets you keep an eye on the activities of persons having a high impact over their area of work even if you could not get them to add on your social network.

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Although you might get some of them into your circle, many of these dominant personalities often do not update their statuses and profiles regularly on their latest updates. Neither is this feature available on any job search website. Therefore, Google Alerts enables you to stay updated about them. You can also use this feature to grab attention from these individuals by sending those regards or congratulatory e-mails on any of their recent achievements. It also helps you establish a strong networking relationship with them.

Use the information for your benefit

The information you acquire from Google Alert can benefit you to prepare yourself better for the interviews. Google Alerts tell you about the perspective of challenges faced by an employer, their competitors and also it can help you build a strategic plan to make sure you have something that other applicants don’t.
On one side, while it raises your confidence, it can also help you use some of the information to gain the interviewer’s trust and attract their attention. You can discuss their plans on expanding their business that you might have read in an article and ask some more of that information about the particular topic. You can also talk to them regarding some matter which the company has been planning to focus on and fortunately that might have come to your attention. It will increase your credibility and might seem that you have a vision similar to theirs, which is a crucial thing that an interviewer looks for in an applicant.

Setting up Google Alerts

Now that you know about the various ways Google Alert can be put to work while looking for a job as well as the advantages of Google Alerts over the traditional method of searching jobs, here is a quick guide to help you set up your Google Alert.
On the Google Alert Homepage, enter your query just like you would have done in a standard search engine. If your employer’s name contains more than a single word in it, but the entire phrase within quotation marks. Google Alerts also allow you to look for either of 8 employers simultaneously. To get information on more than one employer, put an ‘OR’ (In Uppercase) in between the employer names. In case there are several results, you can always apply filters and choose the information that you desire.
Google Alert can be a very efficient tool if used wisely. Make sure to take advantages of this personal job search assistant when you look for your desired job.