How to Use Twitter to Find Jobs

Most people think that Twitter is only about fun and those quick updates from celebrities, whereas Twitter is an excellent tool in terms of job search, even work-from-home freelancing jobs. In this era of commercial heavyweight job search websites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter can be an effective underdog that can help you in various ways to find jobs online.
Use it to find jobs online, always stay up to date on your industry trends and the target organization. While you are seeking for a job, it’s essential to take a cue on what’s happening in the industry or within the particular sector in which you are interested. For example, you can mention the tender or contract your preferred company has won recently during the screening or interview process; this will give an excellent impression to the recruiters. Also, you will get to know the organization’s culture and other aspects by following them.

All you need is an account. Don’t worry; it’s as easy as a piece of a cake.

How to Create a Twitter Account to Find Jobs Online

  • At first type on your browser. Start signing up by filling up the details in the login page.
  • The features generally contain your first and last name, phone, email id, and a password.
  • After you provide all the details, the twitter will send you a code to your email for account verification; it is the most critical step for checking if the circumstances are valid.
  • After you receive an activation message on email, you can log in to your respective Twitter account, and you are finally ready for searching jobs.

Few Tips to Remember to Find Jobs Online

Seeking a job is not easy. If you need a job and are searching for better opportunities, you should post your work profile at first. Write the professional and experience details in a miniature form on your profile, and relevant facts in your bio to find jobs online.

1. Connectivity

Connect with people or organization, if you want to work for a particular organization, follow them on Twitter and check their feeds regularly.
Twitter is much viable compared to Facebook and LinkedIn. Because twitter comes without any limits as it is public, whereas in case Facebook and LinkedIn, the other person has to accept your follow or friend request. So as you can see, these come with boundaries.
In twitter, you can easily follow the person you admire, any Hiring manager, CEO and can directly ask them your queries and DM those, likewise, your engagements are way more direct than other platforms. And this makes it easier to find jobs online.

2. Creating Content

Twitter always needs constant updates about the ongoing events in your daily life. You may have noticed some bloggers post their day to day life on twitter. Yes, that’s how you get seen. So if you are a job seeker, you should create content about your professional aspects on twitter. If you recently did something noticeable like publishing research work in a reputable journal, or attended an international conference, write and boast about those. You will get professional updates, and employers will discover your profile.

3. Work-from-home job search engine

Well, over the years, we have known that Twitter is only a microblogging site, but now we know that it can be a useful search tool too. You can look for what other people are saying about the company for which you wish to go.
One more powerful thing that Twitter provides us is hashtags. You can search for anything by just using hashtags. Terms like #remotejobs, #telecommute, #digitalart, etc. these help you in learning how to do the work-from-home jobs and guides about them, and this is how you find jobs online.

4. Connect with some twitter feeds that help you in finding Work-from-home jobs

There are various twitter feeds that can be helpful for job seekers. And especially people who are searching for telecommunication posts. Also, there are jobs for freelancers and writers too. You can search them by simply adding ‘@’ before the exact thing you are seeking. Twitter will find you the closest possible options. Example: @JobsRemote (jobs for tech professionals)

5. Staying up to date

Always follow and try to get the latest updates of your preferred organization. Follow their portals, their current openings, and other aspects.

6. Follow HR professionals to find jobs online

Rather than following job search websites, you can follow the hiring professionals. It’s a quicker and effective way to identify what your organization wants and with whom you will be working in the future. It also gives a fair idea about your targeted employers. You can even directly talk with them if the person follows you back, write a resume, and send them in DM.

7. Advertise yourself and your professional skills

While customizing your profile, do not forget to highlight some of your achievements and abilities. Use hashtags that make you easier to find. Always remember twitter is one of the most effective ways to advertise you.

8. Tag your target organization and the employers

The best thing you can do to get the attention of your employers is to tag them in your posts. At first, you need to understand the value of positions, retweets of twitter. Do not label them anything you post. Carefully choose the posts that highlight your skills and credentials and tag your preferred employers. It can help you to get attention in professional fields and find jobs online.

How to Increase Views on Your Twitter Profile

If you get increased views of your tweets, you will get an increased number of followers. All users tweet social events, current affairs, and other activities in twitter and expect others will retweet the posts. The increased number of visibility and followers will give you a wide range of views.

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Change the twitter handle name

Use a catchy and exciting name instead of usual initials. Use something that will differentiate you from the rest. You can mention your profession like your twitter name. It will be a great help while searching for job opportunities and find jobs online.

Share and write positive images and quotes

Post something related to your professional expertise and area of interest. Post good motivational quotes regarding it and thus you will get to attract employers and will create more followers.

Create a list

Every social media network has its communities; it is like small discussion forums or groups where you can discuss various things. If you are following professional job-related societies, you will get exclusive information about your preferred jobs. Their main agenda is to share their knowledge with the rest of the community members to find jobs online. However, on Twitter, you can access other people’s list without even following them. So search your targeted employer and job-related records and create your own.

Some popular hashtags for job searches are,

#jobs , #careers , #jobposting , #joblisting, #HR , #graduatejobs , #freshersjobs , #TweetMyJobs , #NowHiring , #TechJobs , #marketing , #salesjobs , #ITJobs , #freelance #findjobsonline

How to become someone worth following?

  • Share various tips regarding jobs or about your interview experiences
  • Share tips with your community on how you find jobs online
  • Share industry news and organization reviews
  • Share important and valuable links
  • Be an active user on twitter
  • Make personal connections with your Twitter peers
  • Engage with your followers, comment on their tweets and share your views
  • Don’t crave for publicity, rather be subtle
  • Use the first-person tone while writing something; make it personal but not too much
  • Connect your twitter profile with other networks

Benefits of Using Twitter to Find Jobs Online

Building network: Twitter is an effective platform for building a network of people who follow you. You can do that via hashtags. Make sure to follow new people and get follow-backs. Find jobs online and make an effort to support professional people.

Instant feedbacks: Twitter gives you followers. If you share something out of the track, you will get an enormous amount of retweets and followers within just a few minutes. And that’s how you get instant feedback.

Make a statement: it gives you enjoyment. You will get to watch various people’s thoughts. Their stories, daily lifestyles, opinions, videos, etc. So, as you can see, it is hardly dull.

Some disadvantages

Spam and frauds: not everything you see is the truth. All the twitter users you see, and the stories they tell about themselves are not always real. In some cases, they share false information about them. So be careful while exchanging your personal and professional details on Twitter. Also, do not share any bank account details without verifying while you find jobs online.

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Sometimes you may get emails of seeking money to help someone outside your country. Be careful in such cases. If you want to help someone, there are the official Twitter pages of various welfare organizations like UNICEF, CRY, etc. Remember, a good organization will never ask for your money.
Try these small steps today to get into a larger platform and get a successful life ahead.