Six Electronic Gadgets You Can’t Do Without in 2020

Over the years as man has evolved, he has invented various devices which have changed his way of living. With every invention comes a new generation: better, smarter, easier, and a lot more luxurious than the previous one. Coming to this generation, the most revolutionary creation amongst all others is, of course, “gadgets”; not one but a plethora of gadgets that have taken us by the storm and changed our lives forever. Today there is not a single being which remains unaffected by these inventions. In a recent survey conducted, people confessed that they would instead give up on their meals than staying off their gadgets.

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Here are a few cool gadgets that are indispensable in our daily life:

  1. Smartphones: Well to start, the first super gadget, the most widely used that we know is the smartphone. What began as a mere communication tool has changed the way of everything we do. This small device has replaced everything that we needed starting from more minor things like alarm clocks, torch lights, and radios to more complex things like maps, travel agents, hard copies of tickets, public communication booths, and other such things. A person carrying a smartphone with internet services has access to all the information available worldwide. One can achieve everything in a click of a button: be it money transfer, travel bookings, shopping, ordering food, or a video call with your long-distance friend. So, whatever it is, you may do it at the comfort of your home and if at all you need to leave, why not book a cab? And if you don’t know the way, you may always find your way through google map. Doesn’t it resemble a genie of the fable stories? It is difficult to imagine a day without a smartphone!

People rightly say that the mobile phone is the “all in one” device. A good smartphone is the one which is capable of multitasking without a hitch and offers the latest technologies and features. The ace among the pack of cards of 2019 are:

    Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 plus. It is the best combination of technology and capability with an ultra-wide camera and a robust power back up.

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still being the favourite for business. 

    Apple iPhone XS Max/XS is an impressive phone to own with fabulous OLED screen, good battery, and upgraded camera software.

    OnePlus 6T is pocket friendlier and comes with high-end specifications

    Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 helps you take stunning pictures, along with power-packed software and wireless charging capability.

2. Laptops: Our next super device in the list of cool gadgets 2019 is the laptop, “a carry-with-yourself computer.” A computer is an essential gadget if you need to perform any official work like data entries, formal writings, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

With this wonder gadget, you can carry your entire office along to any given location, even the most remote ones. It also ensures the best utilization of time as one can take it while commuting through traffic in your car or through the long hour flights easily. It offers excellent storage, and it is a safe device to save all your favourite pictures, songs, and movies which one can access at any time of day. One may find a variety of options in the market with various distinguishing features and prices. It is available in multiple sizes, colors, and designs. Many universities require their students to own a laptop.

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Some of the best-featuring laptops of 2019 are:

    Huawei MacBook 13

    Dell XPS 13

    Hp Spectre x360

    Apple Mac book Pro

    Microsoft surface Laptop 2

3. Tablet: A combination of the above two devices is a tablet or a slate. It is a mobile device with a touch- screen display and can do most of the things performed by personal computers. Apple released its first tablet in 2010, which is called the “ipad.” With so many features, it got instant popularity, and people widely use it even today. It was welcomed with open arms by the younger generation who like their gadgets to be funky and handy. Tablets may also support access to the cellular network. If you use this feature, the device will look more like a bigger version of your smartphones. One may consider investing in a tablet for entertainment or official purposes. Best among the best available in the market are:

    Apple I Pad PRO 12.9- powerful, click, high battery and the new pencil makes it a good buy

    Apple iPad AIR 2019 – powerful, exceptional audio, and incredible speed.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4- bright and sharp display and a handy stylus is a good reason to buy

    Apple iPad 9.7- the best value ipad

    Microsoft Surace Go- the best tablet running Windows 10

4. Music Player: A music player has witnessed transformation in every decade of this century. From being bulky to becoming sleek and portable, from cassettes to pen drives and cards, the journey has been an exciting one. Since ages, music has been a part of our culture, and it can connect with human souls. It surely uplifts one’s senses and could make you laugh, dance, or cry in seconds! In short, the music player is a device which can play audio files for users. One may also find various musical apps which are free and safe to download in electronic devices. They can be used to hold songs from the user’s computer or an online source. Both hardware and software devices generally support the MP3 format. A piece of musical equipment may be chosen based on the purpose, occasion, and audience.

The best music players are:

    Onkyo DP –X1A

    HifiMan Super Mini

    Astell & Kern AK Jr

    Apple iPod Touch

    San Disk Clip sport plus

5. Bluetooth Device: A device which has made sharing wireless is a Bluetooth set. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless interconnection for mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices. It enables the user to send a file to other users very quickly and efficiently.  The Bluetooth technology has enabled hands-free headset for incoming voice calls and wireless speakers to enhance the volume. The different types of Bluetooth devices are dongles, earphones, speakers, etc. With Bluetooth devices, you will no longer have to deal with messy cables. Smartphones come with an inbuilt Bluetooth application which you cannot use when required. A few well-known Bluetooth devices are:

    Voyager 5200

    Sony MBH22

    Plantronics Explorer 500

    Jabra Stealth

    Sennheiser Presence UC

6. Power Bank: Life has undoubtedly become luxurious and relaxed with these technologies. A person uses all of these several times on any given day. Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. To use any of these all we need to have is internet access and a reliable battery backup. If the inbuilt battery backup is exhausted and there are no plug-points to recharge, power banks will come to your rescue. Power bank, as the name suggests, is a powerhouse for your electronic devices. It is a hardware device which could be plugged in for an uninterrupted power supply to your gadgets, especially phones and laptops. The power banks are required to be pre-charged to store the power back up. There are various branded and non branded options from which you can choose. If you are traveling with a power bank, one thing that you should keep in mind is that it should be carried in your hand luggage and not the checked-in baggage.  Top picks are:

    Anker Power core 20100 (laptop)

    Syska 20000 Mah Power Bank(phone)

    Aibocn Power Bank (laptop)

    Philips 11000 Mah Power Bank

    Mophie Powerstation Plus XL(laptop)

So, these are the top picks in the must-have gadgets 2019. With so many options, the customers are sure spoilt for choices. Every day the market is flooded with new and better versions, and an unthoughtful purchase would end up being a part of your old gadgets with almost no value. To survive in this ever-changing world, one must embrace all that is good with open arms. Life without technology would be like the old black and white movies, dull, slow, and colourless. Happy gadget shopping for you!