Things to consider before buying a laptop?

When I say technology, the first thing that comes to mind is the gadgets. Younger adults are known for their increased mobility, preferring laptops than desktops. And why shouldn’t they be? Gone are the days of those big computers equipped with so many parts and coming with bulky HDD in MBs which were even expensive. Today laptops start from a very affordable price range and come with light-weight HDD in TBs. When we look at today laptops, it’s changing now and then, bringing in new configurations and latest designs. If you are planning to buy a computer, then it’s essential to know that you will never get everything on the same laptop. You may need to compromise with certain things if you are buying with budget constraints. Let’s go through some of the significant points that we should take into consideration before finalizing your purchase.

Buying a laptop might sound easy, but nothing can be more stringent. With the availability of a variety of screens, upgraded operating systems, better processing speed, more internal space, better ram it makes it more confusing. Let us have a look at the factors to consider before buying a laptop:

1.    Screen size and resolution:

Screen resolution plays a vital role if you want to have a great experience with your computer, giving you a better browsing and gaming experience. The screen-resolution in most of the budget laptop varies from 1366*768 to 3200*1800 Quad HD. When going to look for laptops, make sure to take some high- resolution videos with you. Checking this on the potential laptops will give you a better overview. Look for sharp and crisp video display. Also, check the videos from different angles.

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The screen size becomes very vital if you are on tours most of the time. I would recommend 14″ laptops. But if you are less of a traveler, then 15.6″ laptops will suit you best.

2.    Sound quality:

What good is a laptop if you have to switch off the fan every time you want to play something on your computer? We may not feel using headphones all the time. Thus, checking the sound quality of the speaker becomes mandatory. While checking set the volume at the maximum level and check for any treble or burst sound. There should be a proper ratio of bass and treble, which can give you pleasure and not a headache. Play some movies, YouTube videos, music and check the sound output.

3.    Check out for the keyboard and touchpad:

Good ergonomics is something which you cannot ignore. Always check for the consoles and touchpad. In case you plan to use your computer extensively, then look for a keyboard which offers constant tactile feedback. The vertical travel of the key should be 1 to 2mm with enough space in between the keys.

4.    Storage

There was a time when having 1GB storage was a big thing, and they were way too expensive. It is not the case now and is one of the most crucial elements of which laptop manufacturers take care. The new generation laptop comes with inbuilt 500 GB HDD which makes it sufficient for all your work. Apart from HDD, the latest development is SSD. It is a solid-state drive. The SSD is compact, gives better performance than HDD, helps in advanced multitasking ability and are comparatively less expensive compared to HDD.

5.    Build quality:

Use a laptop which is robust, durable and looks good. No one would like to go for a system with the topmost specifications but with a low-quality body. It’s advisable to go for a metal body if your budget permits. Otherwise look for something which has stable, clean finishing, heavy-duty and sturdy look.     

6.    Look out for the latest technologies available in the market:

Lately, the development of technologies has started changing very frequently. But we need to be clear with what we want. In present times, there is a rising demand for detachable laptop screens. These laptops which are known as hybrid convertible, come with a removable and rotating display. It allows you to rotate the screen in any direction. You can use them as a computer, laptop or tablet.

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These are the essential aspects which you should take into consideration while buying a laptop. Always look for the physical aspects of the computer. Better research and accurate analysis will get you the best device and that too within your expected budget!